Going Off Topic in Nairobi

Masai spring

There I am again. Being quiet in the past days is not because there is nothing to report. It is actually because so much is going on there is hardly any time to catch one’s breath! Finally today, I had the day to myself and decided to just stay in…

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Something to celebrate!

Changes start with me

The National Archives building is always my reference point when in Nairobi. That was where I was going to meet Christine today before going onwards to our place of discussion. Today I could see that there was a kind of photo exhibition going on outside the building called “Why We…

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Life is a beautiful beach in Mogadishu

Let’s be honest, when you hear the word “Somalia” what are the first thoughts that come to mind? War, lawlessness, poverty, hunger, pirates, failed state and most of all, bombings, terrorism and Al-Shabbab are the things many associate with Somalia. While all of the above are true in varying degrees,…

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Victim of sexual & domestic abuse – a personal story

Iniobong Usanga

Sent in by Iniobong Usanga This is my personal story and you can share it to help inspire other women like me in the past. Rising above adversity and healing from pain is possible in every body. But the key in my opinion is my and your decision. We have…

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Wendy Kimani Dishes on Going Dutch

Wendy Kimani

Wendy Kimani is by any standard a very impressive lady. She is one of the more established and more recognisable singers in Kenya. She first came to public attention when she came second in a nationally televised singing competition in Kenya. Although she was the losing finalist, she made such…

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