Meet Gora the sand painter walking tall without legs!

Gora the sand painter

People who sit on their butts, waiting for luck are those playing a high stake lottery with life. Luck is the overrated phenomenon that some ill-informed people are waiting for to change their lives in whatever directions they are hoping for. Luck is the part of the life puzzle that…

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Meeting Beau van Erven Dorens

Sometimes meeting famous television personalities can be underwhelming. Many take their TV egos, personalities and sometimes, arrogance with them into the real life. After all many of them think their fictional persona have to be maintained for whatever reasons. In The Netherlands Africa Web TV has met some B or…

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Some highlights of Africa Web TV in 2014

Africa Web TV

With 2014 drawing to a close, Africa Web TV has had its own fair share of the good, the bad and the ugly. At the beginning of the year, there was a cloud hanging over the Africa Web TV project. Now at the end of the year, it has not…

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Africa Web TV Top videos 2014!

Africa Web TV Top 10

Google, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook amongst others are doing it, so now is the time for the top videos on Africa Web TV for the year 2014. Figures are a collation from the results both on our website and on our main Youtube general channel. (The figures do not…

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The Voice Achievers Award 2014 – The post script

Voice Achievers Award 2014

The very successful Voice Achievers Award 2014 has come and gone. Days, weeks, months and years later, the 2014 edition will be remembered as the watershed moment not only in the annals of African award ceremonies in The Netherlands but in Europe and beyond. This is not only because of…

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Affiong Goes To Europe

Africa Web TV is proud to lift the lid on her “secret” project. A project so secret we have been talking about it for weeks now. Affiong Goes To Europe follows the adventures of Aunt Affy (Anita Hogan), an extroverted Calabar woman who is on a visit to her younger…

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The real Ice Bucket Challenge

The current Ice Bucket Challenge craze is an example of how people can unite to make a difference for good. From celebrities to just everybody, from presidents to the street vendor, everyone is united in their quest to raise awareness for the Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). ALS is a chronic,…

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Enter the dragon, Africa Web TV presents its new website!

AWTV logo

After weeks of work, Africa Web TV is completing the process of redesigning her website. The redesigning means that we had to take loads of issues into consideration. Apart from the fact that the old website became too slow, we needed to take care of a serious issue of direct…

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The boys next door: Sauti Sol backstage interview with Africa Web TV

At Africa Web TV we’ve spoken with some big artists and some who think they are big. Some of them carry their arrogance like a bad fragrance with them. It is like they are doing you a favour rather than seeing it as an opportunity to reach out to new…

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Thanks to the Dutch police my traumas and nightmares have returned


Show me a policeman with a sense of compassion and I will show you an amateur actor deserving of an Oscar award. To a policeman it does not matter if you are the victim or the criminal, you are just work. The policeman knows all his rights yet knows none…

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