Macedonia – The story of a beautiful Afropean Safari!

This blog is also published on The Afropeans Tucked somewhere in plain view right in the centre of Europe, Macedonia is a country that is as authentic as they come. As an Afropean one always feels at home anywhere in Europe and in Africa. But without a doubt, Macedonia was…

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Chasing The Chameleone

Jose Chameleone at Africa Web TV Amsterdam

In 2015 we got in touch with 2 of the finest musicians representing Africa on the world stage. Both musicians, Jose Chameleone and Eddy Kenzo happened to be Ugandans. we wanted do an interview with them for Africa Web TV. They both kind of said yes. It was not a…

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Marvin Onderwater & Wendy Kimani – The hunk & the singer!

Wendy Kimani is a Kenyan singer and actress who moved to The Netherlands in 2014 after her marriage to Marvin Onderwater. In their first ever full length joint interview on camera, The Onderwaters (Wendy & Mavin) who are now blessed with a baby boy called Taji, spoke about everything ranging…

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A chat with Silayio

Silayio Voice of Holland

Africa Web TV recently sat down with Silayio, a Maasai woman from Kenya who seemingly out of nowhere became a household name in the Netherlands after emerging as one of the standout stars of  season 8 of the Voice of Holland. Africa Web TV’s Faith Mutepa sat down for a…

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The Gospel According To African Music

United African Students Wageningen

Last week we got a flyer in our inbox about an African dance night organised by the United Community of African Students of the University of Wageningen in The Netherlands. It was on our free Friday night so we decided to pop in. What were we expecting, having driven 1…

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Why are Europeans eating Africans as dinner?

Africa Night Productions (the mother company of Africa Web TV) was awarded the Africa Entertainment Award during The Voice Achievers Award 2016. This is naturally a champagne moment for us. It is like putting a crown on the work that started more than 18 years ago and in the case…

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African Lives – Living in the Diaspora (episode 1)

Africa Web TV at work

We all know the stereotypes; Africans go to Europe as refugees on a boat because they are poor and so on and so forth. The fact is if you sit 10 Africans together you will find 10 different reasons why people leave the warm comfort of their known environments to…

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Tanzania has the fittest kids in the world!

Key points: Children from Tanzania are the fittest in the world, study finds Iceland, Estonia, Norway and Japan were also among the fittest The least fit kids are from Mexico, Peru, Latvia, the US and Korea Australia ranked 35th out of 50 nations CANBERRA, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) — An international…

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Nigerians and the women of Kenya

Let’s talk about sponsors, sugar daddies, sugar mummies, Nigerians and the women of Kenya! It is a known fact, Nigerians can never live anywhere without being conspicuous for whatever reasons; positive or negative. Almost everybody all over the world knows at least a Nigerian, for good or for bad. In…

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