Africa Web TV volunteers

A video for your organisation, events or even personal videos.***

If pictures tell a thousand words, a short video tells a million more. With a short video your (potential) customers and visitors can see exactly what you have to offer, the atmosphere and ambiance. A video can set you apart from your competition. Africa Web TV (part of Africa Night Productions) is ready to partner you towards that goal.

Africa Web TV combines the making of a promo video for your business or event with high resolution photography. This guarantees you even more exposure! If requested, Africa Web TV can help spread your video and the photos on our very broad social media network.

Africa Web TV also makes personal videos for different purposes. Think about private videos for weddings, birthdays, (graduation) parties etc.

With thousands of followers on Facebook, hundreds of subscribers on Youtube and a website that has an average monthly hit of more than 100,000 Africa Web TV is the partner you want at your events.


***Africa Web TV has a special and attractive offer for individuals, new or small organisations/foundations!

You can reach Africa Web TV on 06-50989243 to answer all your enquiries. Alternatively you can mail your enquiries to us using our contact form.