The Gospel According To African Music

Last week we got a flyer in our inbox about an African dance night organised by the United Community of African Students of the University of Wageningen in The Netherlands. It was on our free Friday night so we decided to pop in. What were we expecting, having driven 1 hour 20 minutes to the venue? Nothing! However, what we were not expecting was the large turnout, the diversity of the crowd, the sweetness of the music and the general fun atmosphere of the whole show.

If you look closely at the video, you will see that so many nationalities were present on the dance floor. We saw Indians and Chinese people rocking with their African brethren to Kukere and people from  countries like Chile, Bolivia, Brazil and other exotic countries  doing the Azonto and dancing to Eddy Kenzo! And in case you missed it, the DJ is a European lady! That is how far African music has come.

These people from different countries and backgrounds are the ones spreading the African music gospel when they go back to their countries and villages. The future is truly here. We should celebrate. Not so long ago, if you told anyone about African music their thoughts always went to Djembe music and the wild-dancing, half-naked Africans with spears you saw in the misrepresented colonial movies! But lo! Times, they are changing and they are changing fast right in front of our eyes.

Aftermovie Karibu: Welcome to Africa's Nightlife #2

Cold and rainy is the weather forecast for this weekend, so let's take it back to Africa's nightlife one more time! We thank all Kenyans, Angolese, Burkinabé and all the party people for making this a fantastic and unforgettable journey! Karibu sana!!And stay tuned, we might be back soon for a very special summer edition!This video has been realized by Niels Fokkens/ NOFOfilm. Thank you Niels!

Geplaatst door Karibu op vrijdag 17 maart 2017

A couple of weeks ago we were also in Leiden where a sold out African music dance night called Karibu: Welcome to Africa’s Nightlife,  left us feeling proud of our musical heritage. This event, held every once in a while, focusses on 3 different African countries for every show. It  has live shows from African singers, bands and dancers. There are (African) snacks and artefacts for the lovers. The organisers are some very Dutch guys who have spent considerable time travelling, living and working in Africa. That they are not keeping their experiences to themselves but choosing to spread the musical messages to new audiences in Europe  is proof that African music is the future. But the future is already upon us. In a time frame of less than 6 weeks, we have seen 2 white deejays, 1 female and 1 male, playing great African music and getting even the most sceptical Africans (the Nigerians!) sweating on the dance floor!

Not to mention the more futuristic house/trance/African fusions parties going on in some parts of Holland and elsewhere. Take those and combine them with the authentic and the old school Africa Nights in Tilburg and Rotterdam, then you will realise that, in 2017 AD, we are in some kind of African musical paradise in this part of the world.

Some might not realise it yet, but the beauty of Africa is shining through. The young and the brave are the ones who are helping to change and shape the view of Africa. We salute and cheer their efforts. The  “African Century” is getting closer. One thing for sure, when Africa takes over the world, we will all be dancing and swinging! Yes we have seen the future of Africa, it is young and diverse and it is very bright indeed!

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