Julius Malema says the white minority is trying to rewrite history and take away the achievements and pride of black South Africans. He says this will never happen. Julius Malema made his address on the closing day of 3rd Provincial Peoples Assembly of the EFF in Kwazulu Natal. He says South Africa has collapsed because the country is on autopilot. The president has become an air hostess selling buffaloes! Julius Malema also urges his members to elect women into meaningful positions of power within the EFF. Watch the speech in full here: https://youtu.be/PXrk0k5HL1w

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00:00 They want to tell you about you
00:47 There is nothing give to black people without a hassle
01:19 A soldier without a political theory is a potential criminal
03:23 Peace does not equate to cowardice
05:12 South Africa has collapsed and is on autopilot
06:49 The president of South Africa is a buffalo seller
10:33 EFF must elect women to positions of real power

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