Africa Web TV  (office in Rotterdam, The Netherlands) is the part of Africa Night Productions that focusses on highlighting the positive sides of Africans and Africans at heart. Africa Web TV does this by providing promotional and editorial services to Africa-oriented business organisations, (non-) commercial initiatives, individuals and events. Africa Web TV is about quality.

Africa Web TV  conducts interviews, makes portraits, on-the-spot reports and documentaries. Africa is the theme. The target audience is however, everyone who is affiliated in any way to Africa. This makes us unique and is reflected in our coverage and reports.

With thousands of followers on Facebook, hundreds of subscribers on Youtube and a website that has an average monthly hit of more than 100,000 Africa Web TV is the partner you want at your events..

If you have a business, a (non-profit) organisation or an event and you need more exposure, we invite you to get in touch with us. We are in the business of helping you expand your visibility.

If you have a great idea/tip, please let us know. 

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