US secretary of state Anthony Blinken outlines the new American strategy for Sub-Saharan Africa. On a diplomatic charm offensive in Africa, Mr. Anthony Blinken seeks to reassure Africa that the US is an ally who regards Africa as a strong and equal partner. This policy speech was delivered in South Africa, one of the many African countries to have taken a neutral stance in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. This visit came on the heels of a similar visit to some African nations by the Russian foreign minister Lavrov. The US fears it is losing influence in Africa and this speech should be seen in the context of the US trying to regain lost ground in Africa.

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00:00 Sub-Saharan Africa is a major geo-political force
02:24 Africa must defend the sovereignty of all countries
02:56 America is helping Africa with digital connectivity
04:51 Africans prefer democracy
09:18 There must be peaceful transfers of power in Africa
10:14 The US is helping Africa to recover from the pandemic
13:20 The US is helping to build infrastructure across Africa
14:22 America has helped Africa fight HIV and other diseases
18:41 Africa is the most vulnerable to climate change
24:24 America has helped build technological advancement in South Africa

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