Acclaimed Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie says Nigeria has been starved of heroes. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was giving the keynote address during the Nigerian Bar Association Conference 2022. Nigeria has embraced mediocrity and the country is in disarray! She criticises the catholic church leadership in Nigeria for being obsessed with money and calls for a free and fair elections in Nigeria in 2023.

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00:00 I am a writer and a lover of words
00:22 Disruptive speaks to the spirits of our time
01:45 Nigeria is starved of heroes
02:37 Heroes are not angels
03:08 Nigeria is in utter disarray
04:49 A bold transition cannot begin with a premise of pessimism
05:04 I have been called troublesome
07:25 The government does not have a monopoly of tyranny
09:12 Me and the catholic church, a personal story
14:43 Mediocrity is our norm
15:10 There is something dead in our society
16:15 What is the right thing to do
16:55 Many Nigerians are disillusioned with the justice system
19:48 Legal procedures should be simpler, shorter, cheaper
20:05 Nigeria suffers from patriotic shame
21:46 Women should be compensated equally as men
23:03 2023 Nigerian elections must be seen to be free and fair
24:24 A personal story about love letters
26:13 We lose a lot if we lose sight of compassion

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