The leader of the opposition CCC party in Zimbabwe, Nelson Chamisa says elections do not belong to the ZANU-PF party but belongs to the people. Nelson Chamisa wants to be given equal media access to be able to share his ideas in the marketplace of public opinion. He wants guarantees from president Mnangagwa for free and fair elections in Zimbabwe in 2023

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00:00 It my right to share my ideas
00:33 Please don’t start claiming other people’s family
01:24 Elections belong to the people of Zimbabwe
01:39 We don’t want a disputed election in Zimbabwe
02:17 Nations are build by dialogue and conversation not violence
02:51 The right to vote is fundamental
04:14 Votes must be counted in the public domain
05:09 Peace is our language
06:36 We have taken the peace high road
07:39 I have been a victim of assassination attempts
08:23 Free freedom and journalists are being attacked in Zimbabwe
10:30 The situation now in Zimbabwe is worse than in Rhodesia

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