Peter Obi say Nigeria needs a transition from an incompetent government to one led by a competent leader. He says Nigeria lacks good a government, and keeps spending more money than it can raise. The country is also suffering from insecurity as a result of the rampant kidnappings. Therefore, Nigeria has all the traits of a failed state. Peter Obi, who is the presidential candidate of the Labour Party of Nigeria for the 2023 elections, was speaking at the annual conference of the Nigerian Bar Association.

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00:00 I have benefited from the judiciary
01:35 Everything about democracy is the people
01:57 Nigeria needs urgent transition
02:39 Nigeria has qualified to be a failed state
03:38 Nigeria is the only country that can not meet her OPEC quota
05:29 Nigeria is not in control of her own economy
06:23 Nigeria is in a physical mess
07:28 Nigeria needs a visionary
07:52 2023 Nigerian elections must be about character, competence, capacity and commitment.

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