Here’s a short behind the scene documentary about the first workshop Under Joburg Skies. Under Joburg Skies is an initiative founded by Zola Maseko (film director), Andrea Larnyoh (music management, values educator) and Andreas Cohrs (music and project manager) in order to strengthen local structures in culture and arts with a main focus on music and film in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Arranged by musical director Zwai Bala and filmed by film director Zola Maseko, more than 30 South African and international artists performed on the 50 square meter stage, built on the roof top of The LOFT. Sunset over downtown and Hillbrow were the amazing backdrop.

Join their group of supporters with your ideas, contacts, projects or funding. Contact Under Joburg Skies at . Visit their website at This video is uploaded here with the permission of Under Joburg Skies. All copyrights belong to them!

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