Professor PLO Lumumba says African leaders always want the title "honourable" attached to their names when in fact they (the political leaders) are horrible! Africa has all it needs yet it begs others to survive. Meanwhile the countries that colonised Africa are coming back to Africa to steal her resources. PLO Lumumba was speaking during the "Devoted Citizens" lecture in South Africa.
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0:00 The subject of leadership in Africa
06:30 Justice must be served for all
09:23 There is no disctintion between politics and religion
13:49 We must be our own leaders
14:41 African politicians are fake
17:22 A devoted citizen must be ready to make sacrifices
19:50 Africa is the cradle of civilisation
20:43 The African colonisers are coming back again
29:13 History is only willing to support those willing to work hard
36:21 What has Africa done with her independence?
40:22 What would Nelson Mandela think of South Africa today?

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