Welcome to our newest segment, African Heroes. It is an historical series that will be fronted and narrated by Anita Otchere. She will take you along on her journey of learning more about Africa’s history, in particular about the people that have made a significant impact on the continent. Anita believes that it is important for Africans living both at home and abroad to embrace their heritage and learn more about Africa’s importance to the world. If we don’t know and tell our own history, other will, as they have been doing, tell their own, wrong version of our history to the world. This is even more so as in today’s world, it is easy to believe that the Western perspective is the true way to look at Africa.

During Anita’s upbringing in the Netherlands and especially while studying, the African continent was only discussed in a negative light. “At that time this made me ask the question; if Africa is seen as unimportant and poor why are there so many countries across the globe so eager to have her under their control? Why are they queuing up to at least share her resources?”

Well in this series, she is going to take you on a historical journey by shedding light on this puzzle. She is going to examine some of the heroes of Africa since independence, their legacy and impact on the shaping of our beloved continent.

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