PLO Lumumba is not happy that most of the national budgets of several countries of Africa is covered by foreign donors and aid. He says it is time for Africa to be weaned off the breasts of western donors. Professor PLO Lumumba was speaking in Uganda

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00:00 80% of Uganda’s national budget is covered by donors
01:05 Uganda can not exist in spite of the East African region
02:35 African initiatives are African in name only. They are externally funded
03:22 Africa must be weaned off the breasts of her donors
04:06 Africa is never short of good intentions
04:33 We must speak the truth to those occupying high offices
06:43 Do you feel the same pain as I about our Africa?
08:51 Those who made the vaccines are laughing all the way to the bank
09:35 The Christian name of theft in Africa is corruption
11:32 Europe and America owe Africa

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