Prof PLO Lumumba wants African leaders to start preparing the next generation of leaders. Africa with a population of 1.4 billion people needs to start realising and fulfilling her full potentials. Africa should be borderless and have one currency to support trade and travel. PLO Lumumba was speaking during the Devoted Citizens Awards Gala dinner in South Africa.

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00:00 There is never a shortage of idiots
02:13 Idiot can be converted into citizens
04:36 What is this generation of Africans contributing
08:35 Africa must retain her own people on the African continent
12:27 Trailblazers are always confronted with nay-sayers
17:18 Africa starts projects she never finishes
19:30 When a river gets in to the ocean it loses its name
21:44 Africa needs her own currency
26:00 We must remove the ghosts of tribalism and idiocy
27:18 Africa will be great!
28:17 Everyone has their work cut out for them

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