Highlights of Julius Malema speaking at the Heritage Day Rally 2022 in Manguzi, KwaZulu Natal 2022. He says some people want to distort the history of African people. The EFF are the children of Winnie Mandela. Julius Malema wants the West to be scared of Africa like they are scared of Russia. He says the Economic Freedom Fighters are fighting for what belongs to them, land! Watch the full speech here: https://youtu.be/GS9wgIsnKqo

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0:00 Our holidays are being distorted
0:55 We salute the kings, queens and warriors of Africa
2:58 They are still taking our lands and animals
4:08 We are children of Winnie Mandela
5:45 We wear our Zulu attires with pride but our heritage is the land
6:28 The ANC has never built a university in KwaZulu Natal
7:43 We must fight for the unity of Africa
9:13 Jobs come automatically when you own the land
11:07 How can we be hated all over and also at home
11:48 Let us fight for the unity Africa
12:19 An African common currency will be more powerful than the dollar
13:48 The way they are scared of Russia, they must be scared of us

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