Zimbabwe is a beautiful, mountainous country and if you are visiting Harare, one of the places I would recommend is the village of Domboshava, which is located just 30+ kilometres from Harare. You can go mountain hiking. There you can choose any of the several small mountains in the area. The most popular and most mythical of course is Mt. Ngomakurira. Inside the mountain are the San Rock Art. These are ancient art carvings dating back from the beginning of time. This mountain is surrounded by other smaller ones like Marimu

Dzivarasekwa or DZ as it is also known locally. DZ is a suburb located 18km west of Harare. For me this felt like the Africa I know. The Africa that is home. The Africa in its old glory. The earth in its natural colours. Walking along the road in DZ brought back memories of my childhood. The untarred roads, the women and men plying their trade alongside red roads with potholes filled with rainwater. The smell emanating from the cacophony of dirt and neglect. You could argue that it is primitive and underdeveloped. But I would argue that this is the way nature was supposed to be. No black tarred, road built from imported, cancer causing components. This is where people are very happy with little while city dwellers are never satisfied with much.

Get a glimpse into some of the rich and unique Zimbabwean culture and traditions. For example, important ceremonies and functions are never performed in November. Did you know that Zimbabwe has an ancient but simple traditional system of preventing inbreeding amongst her citizens? It is the Totem System. That system has survived till modern day.

Unpacking The Totem System, Cultural And Religious Beliefs In Zimbabwe | David Nyamukaruza – https://youtu.be/lgi2mf5msKk

Driving In And Around Harare, Zimbabwe – https://youtu.be/i58eunTS6eI

Harare is a city under construction and one suspects the same is true for the whole Zimbabwe.

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