Kenyans are fanatical about Rugby Sevens. Kenyans from everywhere descend in their thousands to Paris every year to support their team. It was a stressful season-ending event for the Kenyan supporters in Paris. Kenya was on the brink of relegation depending on how the matches went. That, to many Kenyans in Europe and afar, would be disastrous as it would deny them a Paris pilgrimage next year! But even the French and other supporters were rooting for Kenya.

What would Rugby Sevens in Paris be without those colourful and boisterous Kenyan supporters. Kenya eventually finished 13th in the final standing meaning they avoided relegation. That (dis)honour went to Japan.

This is an Afropean Safari with a difference as Africa Web TV’s Aureliarita Marcellus goes to Paris to find out how Kenyans support their team during the Rugby Sevens series finals in Paris. Paris Rugby Sevens without the Kenyan supporters would be like eating Nyama Choma without the meat!

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