What if Africa was really Africa.

What if Africa was portrayed the way she really is
Not one you have been conditioned to merely see
What if the picture of Africa is not that hungry child
Or the endless wars never reconciled
What if the Africa you see is the Africa we know
A place where many beautiful rivers flow
What if they showed the riches of the continent
Not the leaders that are incompetent
What if you knew the culture, the people and the music
And everything else that is in between and her mystic.
Would you still treat her like hapless leper permanently in need?
Or would you see her as a friend indeed?
Would you see her diversity as an endless potentials
Or fear her children as a danger to your own credentials?
Would you still support the messengers of doom
Bringing you all those pictures and images of gloom?
What if you treated Africa like you ask to be treated
Resourceful, energetic, innovative and opinionated?
What if you unsee everything you have been taught to see about Africa
And behold her beauty and uniqueness that makes her magical?
Can you unlearn everything you have learned
Can you be the friend Africa truly earned
It is all up to you!

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Filmed on location in Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Kenya & The Netherlands.


#Africa #MamaAfrica

© Africa Web TV 2020

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