Dr. Deborah Maufi (Tanzania) and Sven van der Heijden (The Netherlands) share the story of their interracial relationship. They discuss why they are going to get married traditionally in Tanzania with Sven paying the customary Vipi tribe dowry and then later the Dutch wedding in The Netherlands.

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穢 Africa Web TV 2023

0:00 This is the love story of Dr. Deborah Maufi and Sven Van der Heijden
0:16 How and where did they meet?
1:26 Why did they swipe right?
2:56 How was the first date?
4:40 Handling the challenges of being from two different cultures and continents.
6:21 Why is Sven dating a black lady?
7:06 Why is Deborah dating a White Man?
8:01 What has been the reactions of family & friends?
10:44 Deborah sheds light into why she travels solo
12:51 They are getting married! Twice!
14:43 Where would the lovebirds be in 5 years time?
15:29 Message to people who are uncomfortable with interracial relationship

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