These are all African Nobel Prize Laureates. This list of the African Nobel Prize winners is complete as of October 2019.
Max Theiler,
Albert Lutuli,
Muhammad Anwar el-Sadat,
Allan Cormack,
Desmond Tutu,
Wole Soyinka,
Naguib Mahfouz,
Nadine Gordimer,
Nelson Mandela,
Frederik Willem de Klerk,
Ahmed Zewail,
Kofi Annan,
Sydney Brenner,
John Maxwell Coetzee,
Wangarĩ Maathai,
Mohamed ElBaradei,
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,
Leymah Gbowee,
Denis Mukwege,
Abiy Ahmed.

This list does not include the following Nobel Laureates:
Albert Camus who though was born in Algeria, was French.
Aaron Klug who is Lithuanian born but grew up in South Africa.
Claude Simon who though was born in Madagascar, was French.
Claude Cohen-Tannoudji who though was born in Algeria, was French.
Do you think it is right not to count them among the African Nobel prize winners? Leave your comments!

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