Traditionalist, David Nyamukaruza explains the complexity of the Totem system in Zimbabwe especially amongst the Shona people. He also delves into some cultural and religious beliefs of the Shona people. He talks of the Mhondoros who were the national spirit mediums/ancestral spirits from the time of the Monomutapa empire. These were usually made up of royal ancestral spirits.

David Nyamukaruza also explains the ritual of the departed. The word Svikiro comes from a Shona verb Kusvika which means; to arrive at a destination. It was used to refer to the spirit mediums upon which the spirits of departed ancestors would come upon. No important ceremonies happen in the month of November in Zimbabwe. The months in the Shona culture run from the 15th of the Gregorian calendar to the 15th of the next month.

Additionally, some of the mhondoro’s of the Mutapa kingdom include: Matope, Samarengu, Nemangoro, Nyanhewe, Nebedza, Nehanda. The word mhondoro is also used to refer to the spirit mediums who were possessed by spirits.

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