The year 2020 was a year like no other in recent human history. It was the year when the impossible happened. The Corona pandemic brought the world to a halt! On Africa Web TV, it was also a year like no other. It was a year of unprecedented growth despite being in a lockdown most of the year. We thank you for your viewership! These are the top 10 most watched videos on Africa Web TV in 2020. It features 2 African presidents, a love story, An African Vox Pop in Amsterdam & Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba who dominates the chart like never before! But which is the most watched video on Africa Web TV in 2020. Which video is at number 1? Let’s find out!

Number 10

This is a video we uploaded back in 2013, Secrets Of the Maasai. It is the initiation into manhood ceremony of the nomadic Maasai peoples of Kenya & Tanzania.

Number 9

This is a 24 second video called Street masquerade Serekunda | The Gambia. It was a masquerade we saw by chance during a working visit to the Gambia. The video has been on our channel since 2015.

Number 8

This is a video of Ghanian President Nana Akufo-Addo delivering a lecture to a stunned President Macron of France. This video is part of our African Narratives series and was uploaded in 2020.

Number 7

The 7th best watched video on Africa Web TV is Interracial Marriage And Happy In Poland | Meet The Laseges. It is a sweet video about the power of love. In this case, love across borders and races. This video has consistently been in the top 10 most watched videos every year on Africa Web TV since it was uploaded in 2014! In fact, it is the most watched video ever on Africa Web TV proving that love is a universal thing!

Number 6

How Much Do You Know About Africa? That is the question we asked the people of Amsterdam in the 6th most watched video on Africa Web TV in 2020. Since this video was released in 2015, it has been our 2nd most watched video ever. It is hilarious and funny. If you can’t watch the whole video, we recommend you forward it to 5:40. The guy is our hero!

Now the Professor PLO Lumumba invasion begins!

Number 5

Coming in at number 5 is one of Africa’s most famous inspirational speakers, the Pan-Africanist Professor Lumumba. The video title is Why Africa Is Attractive To China | China Is Africa’s New Colonial Master.

Number 4

Coming in at number 4 Is PLO Lumumba | Many African Leaders Are Thieves. You will have to watch the video to see and hear why he made this very bold assertion/accusation!

Number 3

At number 3 the same speaker talks about the Africans obsession with religion and God. PLO Lumumba | Africans Are Waiting In Vain For God.

Number 2

The 2nd most watched video on Africa Web TV in 2020 is surprise, surprise PLO Lumumba | Africa Does Not Need Europe’s Approval For Anything and says Africa must redefine what democracy means to the continent. All of his videos are part of our African Narratives series started and uploaded in 2020.

Number 1

The most watched video on Africa Web TV in 2020 is that of an African President exposing western hypocrisy when it comes to human rights, justice and equality for all. The video is titled 3 Times Rwandan President Paul Kagame Has Called Out French And British Arrogance.
His calling out of the Western double standard apparently struck a chord with many of our viewers in 2020. This video is naturally a part of our African Narratives series and was uploaded in 2020.

Thank you for helping us to grow this year. We hope we can continue to grow together in the coming years. Stay healthy. Stay safe!

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