PLO Lumumba speech in Somaliland during the opening of Unity University Hageisa. Africa has become a marketplace of foreign ideas. Africa must start making its own goods to be self-sufficient.

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0:00 Africa has become a marketplace of foreign ideas
1:10 Young Africans are being abused in Europe
1:40 Many African countries cannot feed themselves
2:09 No vaccines come from Africa
5:06 Even Africa’s bottled water is made abroad!
8:40 What Nelson Mandela said
9:26 What Africa can learn from Somaliland
11:47 African is disrespected because it is disunited
15:38 We need to plant the seeds of Education to eliminate ignorance
16:41 New African churches prefer prayer over hard work
18:35 The time has come for Africa to be self-sufficient

#Hageisa #Somaliland

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