President Paul Kagame of Rwanda finally explains the rational behind the controversial UK – Rwanda refugee migration treaty. This is an agreement to send refugees that arrive in Britain by boat straight to Rwanda. Most of the refugees arriving by boat in the U.K. are from war-torn countries of the Middle East and parts of Africa. Refugees from Ukraine, for example, will not be sent to Rwanda. They are welcome to stay in the U.K. Are you persuaded by his argument? Do you think Rwanda should become a refugee processing centre for people that the U.K. does not want? Please leave your comment below.

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0:00 We don’t buy and sell people
1:11 Migrants are trapped and abused in Libya
3:06 Life is Rwanda is better than in Libya
6:10 Refugee have better choices in Rwanda
7:58 We allowed Afghan refugees to settle in Rwanda
8:22 We don’t have to learn values from anybody
9:27 This is who we are

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