Africa Web TV recently had the distinct honour of sitting down with the renowned Salif Keita, the "Golden Voice of Africa." Salif Keita is one of Africa’s most legendary musicians and a true vocal powerhouse. He sings with a voice that resonates through the ages, and melodies that transcend cultural boundaries.
Beyond the stage, Salif Keita’s advocacy work has ignited a global movement for the rights and acceptance of individuals with albinism. We spoke about the motivations behind his tireless efforts and how his music has become a beacon of hope for the marginalized.
We met Salif Keita backstage for this interview shortly after his mesmerising set during the 2023 edition of the Sfinks festival in Belgium. Salif Keita told us he was not comfortable doing the interview in English but as we could not speak a word of French, he agreed to try and help us out!
Apologies for the sound quality. As said earlier, the interview was backstage of the Sfinks Festival and the sounds of the other artists filtered through into our microphones!

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