Julius Malema accuses South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa of not having any anti-apartheid credentials and says he is a sell-out. Julius Malema was speaking at a joint press conference by several opposition parties called to urge Ramaphosa to resign or be voted out. Cyril Ramaphosa is under pressure as a result of the stack of money that was found in his Phala Phala ranch leading to the suspicion and allegations of corruption and money laundering

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00:00 We have won this battle before
01:38 We are just doing our work.
02:02 Cyril Ramaphosa has no anti-apartheid struggles credentials
02:52 I will rather be alone and on the side of the truth
03:49 Cyril Ramaphosa was caught with stolen money
04:51 The president has violated his oath of office
06:05 The ANC must be held accountable
06:40 Thabo Mbeki is behind the downfall of Cyril Ramaphosa
08:25 Do your political analysis and understand what is wrong in South Africa

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