In his Freedom’s Day rally, Julius Malema berates President Paul Kagame for the Rwanda – UK deal to process UK refuges in Rwanda. He calls on Zimbabweans in South Africa to go home and vote out the ruling ZANU PF party of Zimbabwe. The king of Swaziland did not escape Malema as he (Malema) reminds him Swaziland will never have peace without democracy. Malema also calls for a fit police personnel in South Africa and the protection of women. Women and black people must have equality in South Africa.

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0:00 Paul Kagame don’t exchange African immigrants for money
1:44 King of Swaziland will never know peace without democracy
2:45 Vote out ZANU PF in Zimbabwe
4:43 South African police must be fit and proper
5:31 Women must be protected in South Africa
5:56 Freedom starts with equality

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