Africa Web TV

Africa Web TV is the leading online television based in The Netherlands. Africa Web TV is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who give their free time to develop their various skills behind and in front of the camera.

We are inviting interested people of all origin and colour to join us as we seek to take Africa Web TV to a new level. Whatever your skills, we can make use of them. We are particularly looking for creative people.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what we are looking for;

    • People to operate the cameras.
    • People who know a bit about digital editing.
    • People who have good communicating skills.
    • People who are fluent in English, Dutch and one other major European language.
    • People who are white, people who are black and people of all colours and races.
    • People who are creative and don’t think in squares.
    • People who are patient.
    • People can can write.
    • Confident people who can host/present a show/program or a report.
    • People with great commercial and persuasive skills.
    • Budding script writers.
    • Make-up artists and designers.
    • People with great voices to act as voice-overs.
    • Anchors who live in the Rotterdam/The Hague (and maybe Brabant) area to front a weekly news affairs show on Africa Web TV. ( All others don’t have to live in these places!)
    • People who are talented in graphic arts and design.
    • People who can help build/decorate a set (people with great imagination!)
    • People who see age as numbers (if you are 16 you are welcome. If you are 90 you are more than welcome too!)
    • People who don’t have any of the above skills but are enthusiastic enough to want to join Africa Web TV!
    • People who understand that they are joining a group of dedicated volunteers.
    • People whose skills we forgot to mention above but are willing to remind us by joining Africa Web TV anyway!

You are really interested? Then we have a match! Get in touch through the contact form or by sending a message through the Africa Web TV Facebook page . Don’t forget to include your number so we can easily set up an appointment as soon as possible.