"There are no losers in these elections. All Kenyans are the winners" President-Elect William Ruto strikes a conciliatory tone after being declared the winner of the 2022 Kenyan presidential elections. If confirmed, William Ruto will become the 5th president of Kenya.
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00:00 It is a wonderful evening for Kenya
00:45 We got here. We are here
01:04 Gratitude to Kenyan people
01:37 Kenyans refused to be boxed into tribal cocoons
02:19 Kenyans have raised the bar
02:46 There are no losers in this elections
03:30 IEBC is the hero of the Kenyan elections
03:53 All election results were on an easily accessible public portal
04:25 The religious leader were part of the process
05:03 No Kenyan will be left behind
05:52 The government will work with the opposition
06:17 Thank you my boss. We will take Kenya to the next level
07:09 Opponents have nothing to fear. There is no room for vengeance
08:46 "I have been prayed into victory"

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