The 2023 edition of Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam was dedicated to the Seniors. Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam dedicated an entire day to the Senior Fashion Show in collaboration with renowned Nigerian contemporary artist, virtual reality curator, and film director Malik Afegbua. The aim is to challenge the marginalisation of older people in society and alter perceptions around ageing. His vision is to mix traditional African Nigerian fashion with something Afro-futuristic. Malik Afegbua is an unapologetic advocate for the use of AI in art, believing that it can challenge us to create a better real world and a more stylish one for older people.

This year’s event was hosted by AFWA serial host, Nollywood superstar Ramsey Nouah and Liberian Radio and TV personality, Grace Weah. Dananai Chitewe makes her debut for @africawebtv1. Dr. Deborah Maufi is the co-presenter.

AI photo credit and copyright: Malik Afegbua

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