Welcome to the photo gallery of Africa Web TV.

Africa Web TV not only provides video coverage of events but also makes high resolution photo images while doing the coverage. As a result, the events reach an even wider audience than it would normally do. With thousands of followers on Facebook, hundreds of subscribers on Youtube and a website that has an average monthly hit of more than 100,000 views Africa Web TV is the partner you want at your events.

Pictures tell great stories and video gives you a ringside seat at the arena. At Africa Web TV, we have mastered both to give your videos and events the quality and care they deserve.

Check out some of the “low” resolution pictures of the events and other activities Africa Web TV has covered. We take take quality above quantity. If you need an event coverage or a video promo that can compare with the best, contact us for the very competitive rates. It you are looking for quantity above quality, we know some others who will gladly serve your need!

Check out our ever growing body of work! Have a great time looking at the pictures!

All of the pictures and images are 100% copyrights of Africa Web TV. Commercial usage without written permission is strictly illegal and will be treated as such. When in doubt, please contact us. Also get in touch with us if you need any of the high resolution, watermark-free  images.