When Aurelia smiles

Tilburg, The Netherlands. January 2016. We have to make a confession straight away. This Kenyan lady with some Bongo blood flowing through her veins sometimes works on our other project; Africa Web TV. We have therefore seen her smiles more up close and personal than some of the other smiles we have featured before. In fact if you look at the end-of-the year Smiles of Africa video 2015, you will see her flashing that smile in real time (at 55 seconds in the video below). The smile of this African law student is not one of those smiles that starts and ends on the face. It is a smile that seems to travel the length and breadth of her whole body. When her face smiles, her body joins in the fun!  Hers is not a lame smile. When she smiles, her face and the body join together in joyous harmony.

Smiles of Africa