The smile of the African nurse

Tilburg, The Netherlands. January 2016. We begin the 2016 series of Smiles of Africa with a series of African ladies in The Netherlands. There is a reason why we are starting with Faustina. This is a lady that captures the hard-working, forward-looking, fun-loving, never-say-die attitude of some of the Kenyan migrant ladies in Europe. This well travelled, fearless mother who has been there and seen it all is always a bundle of energy. She has mastered the Dutch language. We’ve seen pictures of her paragliding in the Austrian Alps but on this day we met her at Africa Night where she came to celebrate her latest achievement, qualifying as a certified nurse, with a couple of her friends. Hers is a smile that truly warms the heart. This is a smile all of Africa can be proud of.

Smiles of Africa