The smile of a winner

Sarakasi Dome, Ngara Road, Kenya. July 2013. To some people a smile comes easily. To some it requires more of an effort. To be honest we don’t know which of the 2 categories the smile in this picture falls. We’ll let you decide for yourselves after reading his story. He is one of the most senior dancers, choreographers with legendary Sarakasi group. It wasn’t always that way. Years ago life in the ghetto was bleak and the future was looking even bleaker. But then music and dance came and with it he could showcase his talents. When you add talent to dedication, hard work and perseverance, the only way to go is up! Which is why this is a smile that practically lights up Nairobi city! Easy smile? Whatever you think, this is a well earned and deserved smile of a winner.
Sarakasi dancers