Smiles warm enough to melt a heart

Amsterdam, The Netherlands August 2015. These smiling gems from Uganda had the freedom to celebrate at the 2015 Gay pride parade in Amsterdam. Sometimes Africans put emphasis on the wrong priorities. Like President Uhuru Kenyatta said to President Obama recently, Africa has more pressing problems to worry about than the “non-issue” of LGBTI rights. Of course one cannot argue with that. So one can only expect that from now on, LGBTIs in Africa will be free to be free. Free to be who they are without people making a problem from a “non-issue” and attacking them. We expect President Kenyatta to lead other African leaders by protecting LGBTIs while solving other real “issues”. Meanwhile, these smiling Ugandan beauties in Amsterdam felt free to be free. The only “issue” we have with these ladies is that those smiles are warm enough to melt a heart!
Ugandan LGBTI Amsterdam