African time with a smile

Arusha, Tanzania August 2015. Africans are very notorious when it comes to the concept of time. If all the time wasted in Africa by being late is converted into money, every African would be a millionaire! That an African never comes on time is known to all. “You’ve got the clock and we’ve got the time” is what many Africans say to many Europeans. What is shocking is when an African breaks that rule and actually keeps to time. One of those is Amos in Tanzania. “Amos is a cab driver here in Arusha. He is in love with his job and a strict time keeper. He is a lovely soul because he goes beyond his job description to make sure we are comfortable. He always smiles even when we keep him late!” this is according to Aureliarita, a correspondent of Africa Web TV who sent us this picture from Tanzania. What else can we add? Keep smiling, you have earned your place amongst the Smiles of Africa
Amos the driver Arusha