A boat or a smile

Sent in by Maaike. Dakar, Senegal July 2011. In Maaike’s own words

I took the photo in 2011 when he had a interview at their centre in Dakar. Ndigueul Mc and his “Association artistique et culturelle Ngueweul Rythme” stay put in their country and develop a business ( music studio/artist centre) in Dakar instead of jumping in a small boat to Europe. There are many more stories and so much to tell, I have the greatest respect for the boys. They struggle through life with basically no money and often no electricity and the luxury of normal life we live. Still they say every day “thank you” with a big smile. I have learned a lot of them.

The charming smile of Ndigueul Mc takes its place amongst the beautiful Smiles of Africa.
Ndigueul Mc