5 smiles from Uganda!

Rotterdam, The Netherlands. February 2016. This week we bring you 5 special smiles from Uganda. These 5 men and women travel all over the world with the children of the Watoto organisation. The Watoto children are orphan children who perform to help raise awareness for the plight of abandoned children in Uganda (see video below). These 5 (but there are more!) act as guardians, mentors, teachers, friends and more to these kids both at home and on the road. Each has his/her specific role to ensure that the children feel loved and cared for. In more ways than one, these 5 are the guardian angels of these kids. We could not chose which of their individual smiles to present to you as the Smile of Africa for this week. So we decided to present you all the 5 inspirational Ugandan people as the Smiles of Africa for this week. You are allowed to chose your favourite smile!

Watoto guardians