14 Shades of Phay

Rotterdam, The Netherlands. February 2016. Let’s not pretend we don’t know this smile. We know this smile like we know day and night. This is a well travelled smile of an African daughter. Meet Faith, a.k.a. Phay. Phay is from Zimbabwe. We first met Phay in February 2010 and even back then she had the brightest smile we could remember. At that time it was a smile that was triggered by the sounds of beautiful African music in Maastricht. Over the years, we have seen various versions of her disarming smiles.  You see, Phay is one of the faces of our sister organisation; Africa Web TV. And in all those years, we have recorded many of the smiles that have made working with her a joyous experience. It would be an injustice to mankind if we did not share some of those moments with you. When Phay smiles, she smiles not only for herself. When she smiles, she smiles for Zimbabwe and for Africa. Check our 50 second video compilation below her picture showing 14 Shades of Phay. (14 of the ways she smiles). We bet you’ll understand why Phay’s is the Smile of Africa for this week!

Phay Mutepa